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Changing the Session Timeout of Oracle BPM Workspace 11g

Changing the Session Timeout of Oracle BPM Workspace 11g

On several Oracle BPM 11g consulting engagements, I have been asked about how to change the session timeout of the BPM Workspace web application. I think I have changed how I do it, probably over several patch set versions. This post describes how I do it now with the version, which may be the easiest way to do it, because its all through the WebLogic Console.

Log in into the WebLogic Administration console. Click on Deployments in the Domain Structure.


Locate the OracleBPMWorkspace Enterprise Application as shown below.


Expand  this application



Click on the /bpm/workspace link which will take you to the Settings page for the workspace WAR as shown below.


Click on the Configuration tab. You should see the Session Timeout setting. Change it to whatever you want, and click on the Save button.


This will take you to the Save Deployment Plan page. Change the Path if needed and click on Ok. This will create a Deployment Plan.

Click Here to learn more about Deployment Plans.


You should see the following confirmation page.


Force stop the application as shown below.


Click on the Update Button


Select the Update radio button and click Finish.


Start the Application


Thats It!  Your new session timeout should take effect now.

You may also want to see How to Unlink a Deployment Plan

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