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Document and Workflow History

Document and Workflow History


I’m not sure how often it is utilized, but you can create different reports in UCM through the Web Layout Editor. The Web Layout Editor is the admin applet that lets you control the Library Folders structure under Browse Content. Most commonly it’s used to create a hierarchy of folders with pre-defined queries. But another type of page you can create is a Report which can be based on document history, workflow history, archive history, users, or metadata.While the reports help gather information for broad queries such as by workflow name, metadata, or time, it’s not good at generating ad-hoc reports for individual items. You can create a report that is scoped to a specific Content ID, but that has to be done each time through the Web Layout Editor.

Since quickly getting the document or workflow history for an individual is a pretty handy thing to have, I created a couple of pre-built reports that can take the Content ID as a parameter when called. I then modified a resource include used on the Content Information page to include links to both reports for that content.


Then when you click the ‘History’ link, you get the check in, update, revisions, & delete history report:


And when clicking the ‘Workflow’ link, you get the workflow review steps the document went through before being released:


I’ve uploaded a copy of the

Document and History Report

sample. Because this includes some pre-built reports along with a custom component, it’s packaged as a Configuration Migration Utility bundle. You’ll want to upload the bundle, import it, and then enable the ‘WorkflowReport’ component.

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