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Hiding the Primary File field in UCM

Hiding the Primary File field in UCM

A month ago I wrote a post about performing a check-in to UCM without a file. Let’s take it one step further and hide the Primary File field altogether so that the contributor doesn’t have to make a choice.

First, instead of applying the AllowPrimaryMetaFile=true configuration entry to the entire instance like I wrote in the other post, we’ll apply it only to specific Profiles. Then for that same Profile, we’ll default the choice to check-in a metadata only file and hide the form fields themselves.

    1. Establish your Rules for your Profile in Configuration Manager applet.
    1. On the General tab of the Rule, check the ‘Use rule activation condition’ box and click Edit…
    1. Go to the Site Effects tab and add each of these Keys and Values:





Now when you display your check-in page, the fields for Primary File and Alternate file will be gone and the form will accept just metadata entries.


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