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Oracle UCM: Migrate Configurations Between Servers

Oracle UCM: Migrate Configurations Between Servers

In this post I will create a configuration bundle which is a file containing most of the Content Server configurations such as metadata fields, workflows, users, etc. and is a pretty useful way to rapidly migrate configurations from one

WebCenter Content server to another. It’s pretty valuable as a backup too in case of disater recovery.

In order to save all configurations of an Oracle UCM istance you need to login as administrator.

In menu expand “Config Migration Admin” folder then click “Configuration Templates” -> “Create New Template

In next screen CHECK “Continue on Error” and click “Content Server Sections” to specify which configurations you want to migrate.

Click all “Section Name” you wish to include in configuration bundle, then remember to save you bundle.

When prompted to save provide a Name and an optional description

CHECK every item you wish to migrate then remember to save modifications

When done select “Export” to convert the export template to a configuration bundle.

To save it to a safe place or to transfer it to a different Oracle installation you need to download it first

If you import it to a different UCM server go to “Config Migration Admin” -> “Upload Bundle“, select bundle file

previously exported and CHECK “Force Overwrite

Go to “Configuration Bundles” select the just uploaded bundle click “Preview

If everything is as desired click “Import” and wait until configuration completion.

That’s all!!

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